Blake Mendenhall


Blake Mendenhall

Blake is a Montana native, having grown up in rural Jefferson County loving and enjoying Montana outdoors way-of-life. He continues to pursue his passion for the outdoors whether it’s fishing, hunting, snowboarding or riding his motorcycle. He personally understands the “Montana appeal” and is driven to use his experience to help people find happiness in the perfect home or property.

As a former owner of a contracting company for nine years, Blake brings a wealth of experience in the building industry to help buyers and sellers. He’s well acquainted with construction methodology and processes and has a keen eye for detail, quality construction or defects. This is a huge asset for assisting buyers in evaluating properties as well as in helping sellers get their property in top selling condition. As a long-standing part of the area’s building industry, Blake is also well acquainted with other contractors and their workmanship.

Blake is passionate about life and epitomizes energy, hard work, and creative service. He’s a strong man of faith and loves spending time with his Son, friends, and family. A favorite past time is making music, either singing and playing guitar around the campfire or playing in his band on weekends. He loves people and loves building long-lasting solid relationships based on trust and respect.


Blake Mendenhall
Realtor, ABR